Michele Barbieri
partner & co-founder

Stefano Borsacchi
partner & co-founder

Mr. Michele Barbieri

Mr. Stefano Borsacchi

Michele Barbieri was born in Pisa on September 30, 1942, where he completed his studies and then graduated in Law in 1965 discussing a thesis in Commercial law at the University of Pisa. Before devoting himself to the profession, in 1968 he obtained a Master’s degree in Comparative Law at George Washington University, thus opening up, from those years, the possibility of dedicating himself to legal professional at the international level. After returning from the United States, he worked as a lawyer at the Law Firm Ardito in Rome, then moved to Milan for an experience in the management of Murray Europe Spa (Automotive Industry-Milan) as Managing Director. From 1976 to 1980, he returned to Pisa, he worked as  a of Counsel at the Studio Piccioli di Pisa and in 1981 founded the Associate Law Firm Barbieri & Borsacchi with Stefano Borsacchi, his partner. They coordinate and and supervise the activity of two junior partners, three of counsels, and three clerks.

Specialised in Civil Law and Litigation, He has always practiced in the field of Italian and comparative Civil Law,  Private International Law,  Law of Arbitration, Employment Law and Insurance. He has acted for years as Legal Counsel  of the Government of the United States of America in whose interest and for whose defense has appeared in Court in many cases. He continues to carry out judicial and out-of-court consultancy at the international level  for individuals, companies and institutions. He is President of the Fondazione Packard Institute for Cultural Heritage that cares, manages and finances the preservation of the archaeological site of Herculaneum and takes care of all the legal aspects. Italian by birth, “American” by experience for family and professional reasons, he is absolutely fluent in English  spoken and written also thanks to regular attendance of the United States, its second homeland.

An indefatigable Traveller, passionate reader and sport lover, he has been dedicating himself for years to the promotion of the amateur and vernacular theatre in the context of the  company “Il Retone” of which he is a part, both acting as actor and as playwright. He is an active member of the Lions Club of Pisa, who has twice held the position of President.

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Stefano Borsacchi, originally from the Royal Estate of San Rossore, was born in Pisa, Il 21.09.1949, where he completed all his studies and spent most of his life and his professional career. After graduation in 1968 at the Liceo Gymnasium “G. Galilei” of Pisa, in 1972 he obtained a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of Pisa with the score of 110/110 cum Laude, with a thesis in Roman law entitled “Operis Novi Nuntiatio iuris Public Tuendi gratia “, under the guidance of Prof. Feliciano Serrao, his mentor.

Senior Lawyer specialised in Civil Law and Civil Litigation at Pisa Bar Association, after a  collaboration with the Law Firm run by Marcello and Renato Tortorella, he founded the Law Firm Barbieri-Borsacchi, where, in addition to perform the legal profession in first person, together with Michele Barbieri, his partner, supervises and guides the work done by five lawyers and two clerks. He carries out his professional activity in all theareas  of the civil law, with a particular predilection for Family Law and Children Care which is his area of specialisation, together with  Bank law, Domestic Tort Law and Professional Negligence. He is qualified as Lawyer to appear before higher jurisdictions. As part of his professional activity, he  holds positions as chairman and member of Arbitration Tribunal , he performs for specific appointmens under the designation of the judicial and ministerial Authorities.

In the past he  carried out research and teaching in the romanistic law subjects at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pisa; after leaving the University he has been appointed as guest lecturer  in the field  of ethics and legal argumentation for the LLM at the University of Pisa. He chaired the board of the Bar Training School in Pisa and he was part of the first board of the School of Specialisation for the Legal professions.

From 1994 to 2007 he served as President of the Pisa Bar Council, after an experience gained in the same board since 1984, first as advisor and then as secretary. He chaired the District Union of the Bar Councils of Tuscany.

From 2007 to 2015 he was a member of the Italian National Bar Council (Ministry of Justice) for the District of the Florence Court of Appeal  and coordinator, within the same National Council, of the Commission for Ethics and the one for History of the Legal Profession; he was also  member of three other Committees, including that for the judicial activity.

He is currently an external component of the Deontological Commission of the same National Council and member of the Board of the National School for  Lawyers who appears before the Supreme Court.

He has been and he is invited as a speaker in several conferences, conventions, seminars, specialized training courses, workshops, organised by scholars, within legal institutions, at local and national level,by professional assoications and groups of Observatory.

He is the author of essays and articles on historical and legal topics and on issues of professional and ordinamental content.

An avid reader and a great sport enthusiast, in his spare time he focuses mainly on reading, travelling and outdoor sports, which he practices mainly between San Rossore and  Maremma. He is a member of the Pisa Foundation and its  deputation. He is an active member of Rotary Club Pisa, of which he served as president in the year 1991-1992.

em@ail: avv.borsacchi@barbieriborsacchi.com