The Administration Office

Ms. Cristina Schiavelli was born in Pisa, where she currently resides. After obtaining her high school degree at the Technical Commercial  Institute Luigi Einaudi in Pisa, he worked as a Clerk at the Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pisa and at the Bar Association of Pisa under a  maternity cover contract.

She has been employed since 1985 as third level clerk at  Barbieri Borsacchi Law Firm where she currently deals with the any financial matter (from the first note to the set of the budget); she manages the relations with all the suppliers and the customers of the Firm and she handles all Firm’s economic commitments (payment of suppliers, salaries, tax payments, VAT and Unique Declarations). She is an expert user of the Easylex management software.

She holds a third-level diploma in English obtained from the British School of Pisa (writing and speaking)

In her free time she devoted himself mainly to voluntary and charity activities as  member of the Shalom Association – Section of Pisa,  for the development  of   microcredit project in Uganda and in Burkina Faso. She also loves travelling and reading.

Mrs. Sara Biagetti was born in Pisa, in whose province she currently resides. After obtaining her high school degree at the Technical Commercial Institute of Pisa in 1990, she took part quite early to the workforce of Barbieri Borsacchi Law Firm  where she is still responsible for any task related to the Secretariat’s activity, the management of relations with the Judiciary  and with the Public Administrations.

Since the beginning of her career, she has taken care of all the formalities relating to the formal preparation, the filing and the notification of judicial applications, documents and acts, as well as all the additional aspects relating to the secretariat.

With the new electronic civil proceedings (Processo civile telematico), she got the expertise in the management of the application  from its file to the processing within the Telematic Judicial Office. She has recently started assisting the Partners and the Of Counsels also in any fulfilment related to Criminal Proceedings , while carrying out all the duties of reception and secretarial work within the Firm.