Barbieri Borsacchi & Partners benefits from the continuative collaboration  of five younger legal professionals (two partners and three Of Counsel) working in full synergy in complementary sectors, thus allowing the activity of the Firm to develop in many areas of civil litigation and criminal justice.

Sandra Berretti was born on 22 January 1968 in Massa Marittima (Grosseto).

 She obtained her college graduation in linguistic with the highest marks and a degree in law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pisa with a first grade cum laude discussing a thesis in Constitutional Law entitled “The evolution of the principle of separation of powers from the classical model to the function of political address. The Italian anomaly “, under the guidance of Prof. Giuseppe Volpe, with whom she collaborated in the university immediately after graduating ( she published in the journal “Constitutional Jurisprudence” Year XLII Fasc. 3, 1997, ed. Giuffré, Milan, a comment to a judgment entitled “The integrability of governmental deliberation to challenge regional law”).

After completing her traineeship at the Law Firm Barbieri Borsacchi in Pisa, she  successfully achieved the qualification as a Lawyer, and then she was admitted at Pisa’s Bar Association.  The professional activity has converged her interests in civil law and in civil litigation, mainly dealing with liability, especially in professional negligence. She attended  the course of Higher Education “The Health responsibility between jurisprudence and litigation techniques “held by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. In the area of Family Law and Children care she attended  The Specialization Course in community Law for legal practitioners organized by the Bar Council  of Pisa in collaboration with the International Section of the Department of Public Law of the University of Pisa, and the local Court and with the contribution of the European Commission in the framework of the Robert Schuman Action. She also gained significant experience in litigation both at the Ordinary Courts and at the Juvenile Court. 

She has been member since 2008 of the Italian Association of Family Lawyers (AIAF), for which she has currently been appointed as coordinator in charge for  the Pisa Committee: she actively participates at its formative and associative activities . She takes part annually in meetings, study seminars, workshops and conferences, also as rapporteur, in the field of family law and children care, which could be considered one of the fields of her specialisation. She took part in the initiatives launched in   secondary and high school in Pisa by  Pisa Bar Association  with the aim of spreading the culture of  legality and the knowledge of the Constitution, as well as of the culture of  health responsibility.

She graduated in piano in 1990 at the Conservatorio Piero Mascagni in Livorno and she continues to devote herself to classical music  in her free time. She is a passionate reader and an amateur painter. She has a good knowledge of both English and  French, in reading, speaking and writing.

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Dr. Silvia Taccini was born the 10th of August 1977 in Pisa , where she began and developed much of her academic and professional career. 

After obtaining the high school graduation at the Liceo Scientifico U. Dini of Pisa, she graduated in law at the University of Pisa School of Law, with First Honour Degree  under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Francesca Giardina, with a thesis entitled “Minor and civil responsibility”. By continuing on the same track, she obtained a scholarship funded by the Committee for International Adoptions- (Department of Social and family Policies)  to take part as a Phd student  in the Doctoral Program of Private law at the Department of Private Law “U. Natoli” of the University of Pisa, School of Law. She concluded the research path with the discussion of the doctoral thesis entitled “The adopted between biological origins and hospitality. Family, Truth, Identity “(Supervisor and Director of Studies tutor Prof. Francesca Giardina) and she qualified as Doctor in Law. She did her traineeship within Barbieri Borsacchi Law Firm, successfully  achieving, at the end, the qualification as a Lawyer.  She is currently enrolled at Pisa’s Bar Association. She practices both independently and in  continuous collaboration with the Firm  in civil litigation,  with particular regard to area of civil liability, family law and children care.

She defines Minors Law and children care, in particular, her area of academic and professional specialisation, with specific reference to the theme of national and international adoptions.

She participated in the Study Group on Family and Minors Law, established by Superior School of Advocacy (Foundation of the National Bar Council), she attended as speaker at several conferences in the field of  civil liability and litigation and she is  author of numerous scientific publications in her area of specialisation [i.e. «L’adottato straniero e la sua condizione di bambino migrante: dalla conoscenza delle origini al rispetto della identità culturale», in Questioni di Diritto di Famiglia, settembre 2015; «Sottrazione internazionale: sul rimpatrio sceglie il minore capace di discernimento», nota a Cass. n. 5237/2014, in La Nuova giurisprudenza civile commentata n. 9/2014, 793; «Verità e segreto nella vicenda dell’adozione: il contributo della Corte costituzionale», nota a Corte cost. n. 278/2013, in Le Nuove Leggi Civili Commentate, n. 2/2014, 405; «Il sistema della responsabilità civile dei genitori tra profili di protezione e di garanzia», in Danno e responsabilità, n. 1/2008, 5;  «Accertamento della paternità a fini successori e comparazione genetica collaterale», in Famiglia e diritto, n. 10/2008, 869; «Comportamento violento e controllo della famiglia», in Danno e responsabilità, n. 10/2007,1025]. She is an active member of the Observatory Association on Family Law, section of Pisa. She is enrolled to the Special Registry of the Legal Aid Lawyers in Civil Litigation. 

She had a professional and and semi-professional experience in the disciplines of modern dance, which she practiced and subsequently taught at the Arabesque Artistic Association of Sabrina De Cristofano, based in Pisa, and of  corporal expression in Theatre  (devoting herself  also to the conception and composition of choreographies). She collaborated with some theatre companies as choreographer and dancer (the theatre Group Il Canovaccio, directed by Giuseppe Raimo, and the Crocchio dei Goliardi Spensierati, directed by Lorenzo Gremigni).

She has  a good knowledge of English, speaking, listening and writing.

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Elena Borsacchi was born in Pisa in 1986. Partner of Studio legale associato Barbieri – Borsacchi & Partners of Pisa
Areas of pratice: primarily with Criminal Law, Family and Minors Law, certain aspects of Civil Liability and Private International Law issues. Since 2022 Elena Borsacchi collaborates with Studio Mastellone, which is the Florence office of Studio Legale Associato Barbieri Borsacchi & Partners of Pisa.
3 years course Degree in Legal Sciences Laurea Triennale and 2 Years Full Degree Course ijn Laws with Honours, with two thesis on substantive criminal law under the supervision of Prof. G.A. De Francesco, Faculty of Laws, University of Pisa. To follow the Level II Master , University of Rome La Sapienza on “Minors’ Rights”, in conjunction with the beginning of the forensic practice, carried out for two years mainly in the criminal trial field under the guidance of her master, Prof. Salvatore Salidu of Pisa, who she is still working with. Has taken part in numerous activities organised by the Scuola Superiore dell’Avvocatura during the years of her traineeship, with several research and professional training experiences abroad. In 2010 she was carried out an internship in Paris at Studio Internazionale De Arcangelis, a Mphil/Phd student and Phd candidate (waiting to discuss her doctoral thesis) at Middlesex University, London, where she carried out research in the field of international criminal justice, with particular attention to the issue of the effectiveness of defense guarantees and international criminal procedure, under the supervision of Prof. William A. Schabas and Dr. Joseph Corkin. Between 2015 and 2018 she carried out three mini-pupillage experiences at three different Chambers of Barristers in London and Bristol and two research periods in Germany at the Universities of Hamburg and Berlin (Humbolt University). From 2018 to 2020 she was admitted as a Registered European Lawyer at the Bar of England and Wales, and since 2019 she has been a member of the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. She has held teaching positions at the Middlesex University, London as an Hourly Paid Lecturer (Law Literature and Fundamental Rights) and at the Lorenzo Dei Medici Institute in Florence (International Conflict Resolution), as well as certain occasional assignments as Guest Lecturer.
Elena Borsacchi is fluent in English and French, has a good knowledge of Spanish and only a basic knowledge of German.An active member of the UIA – The International Association of Lawyers, as  Deputy Director of Publications, of the Pisa Chamber of criminal lawyers, of  AIAF (Association of family lawyers) , Section of Pisa, and of the Mindfulness in Law Society.

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Chamber of criminal lawyers, of AIAF (Association of family lawyers) , Section of Pisa, and of the Mindfulness in Law Society.